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What Causes 0x80240036
0x80240036 is a critical Windows error and is caused by a corrupt registry entry that should be repaired immediately to prevent further corruption in other applications and/or hardware. Risks include hardware failure, blue screen errors and fatal crashes.
Common Symptoms
0x80240036 symptoms include program lock ups, shut down or start up problems, slow pc performance, sluggish behaviour, screen freeze, beeping sounds, problems opening documents as well as issues during software installation.
Repair Difficulty - Easy
We have rated 0x80240036 as easy to repair. Simply download the repair tool below to begin. We also recommend a SpyWare scan as well as updating all your system drivers using the handy scans below.
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*Microsoft Compatible Tool Repairs 0x80240036 & More
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Do You Have Errors?
Statistics have shown that most computers have critical registry errors that put them at serious risk.

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Associated SpyWare Threats
SpyWare Threats
There are few threats detected with 0x80240036 however we do recommend it is important for you to scan your system for spyware with the tool below to ensure you are in fact infection free.
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*Tool Will Scan Your System & Destroy Spyware and Malware Threats.
Associated Driver Corruption
Potential Driver Corruption
Some users have reported 0x80240036 in conjunction with driver corruption. We recommend you scan your system to see if you have any drivers that need updating so you don't risk hardware failure.
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*Tool Will Scan Your System & Locate Every Updated Driver You Need.


*Driver Update Tool Uses
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